Saudi Arabia's Al-Ula has been attracting tourists and brands alike with its striking landscapes and iconic history. 

The latest brand to shoot a campaign on the backdrop of the UNESCO World Heritage site is none other than Adidas. The company shot a special campaign at Al-Ula to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its trademark Original Superstar sneakers. 

The shoot featured four inspirational Saudi women including designer and content creator Alaa Balkhy, rapper Aseel Saraj (Leesa), Saudi fashion blogger Jory Al Maiman, and skateboarder and actress Sarah Taibah

Jory Al Maiman poses for the Adidas campaign Source: The National

The brand said the campaign celebrates the Superstar sneakers which "have cemented their iconic status in time, connecting people together across the pillars of art, music, fashion and sport under one key message: 'Change is a team sport.'"

They added that the shoot "evokes a promise of change for the kingdom." 

Al-Ula is a recently discovered Saudi gem

Given the site's astronomical rise to prominence in recent months, it's no surprise that Adidas chose Al-Ula as a setting for its special campaign. 

The historic site is part of a governorate isolated in the desert of the country's northwestern region. The city features tens of sights to behold and has become a tourist hotspot of the sorts. 

Industry experts believe the captivating landscape is set to majorly contribute to the kingdom's tourism sector in the years to come. It is also expected to attract more brand campaigns and possibly film and television shoots.