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Saudi presenter Ahmed Al Malki Source: Muraselon

Ahmed Al Malki, a Saudi television presenter, outraged people over the weekend when he berated a woman for calling in to speak with a guest on his show Hamathon

Identifying herself as Rima, the caller addressed the guest and told him she asked God to "grant him happiness and success." 

Her positive statement didn't go down too well with neither the guest nor Al Malki, who immediately hung up on the woman and went on a rant during which he accused her of being "shameless" and "flirtatious."

"I don't know what kind of shamelessness some of these people have to call in and act like this," Al Malki said. 

The guest then told him the woman was just wishing him well, before both men agreed that such sentiments were unacceptable.

A video of the TV presenter's outburst went viral on Saudi Twitter and angered thousands who were shocked by the way he insulted the woman.

Amid the intense backlash, Al Malki issued an on-air apology to the caller and the show's viewers.

However, his remorseful words weren't enough. DAL channel - where his segment is aired - has since announced he has been suspended from hosting the segment. 

No one could even with Al Malki's rant

"He's ill-mannered, tasteless, and the way he spoke doesn't suit a TV presenter"

"He deserves to be punished"

"This caller didn't say anything, she just wished the guest well. We thank the channel's officials for taking him off-air." 

Saudi women hilariously trolled the whole incident

"The caller: May God grant you happiness and success. 

The presenter: ..." 

People can't even

"A guy: May God grant you happiness and success...

Me: ..."

"When someone wishes me well, God forbids that happens"

The hilarious memes were unstoppable

Trolling level: Saudi

"If I made a mistake and told a guy I wished him happiness and success"

Al Malki released a statement right after his suspension

Hours after he was suspended from his job at DAL channel, Al Malki sent out several Snapchat videos in which he thanked whoever stood by him during the controversy.

"I thank everyone who sent me messages of support after I was suspended. This is God's will. I apologize to those who were upset over this incident. I ask God to grant you all happiness and success. I think we'll be meeting again very soon in a TV program that's bigger and better," the presenter said.