Over the weekend, footage capturing an elderly man beating two Saudi men for dancing to music at a concert went completely viral on Twitter.

In the clip, the men can be seen enjoying themselves before the attacker approaches them from behind and starts hitting them with a cane.

The men then attempt to defend themselves but are seen being held back by people attending the musical performance. Despite efforts to end the quarrel, the incident blew up into a fight, bringing the concert to a halt.

The reason why the men were beaten remains unclear. However, social media users are speculating that it may have been the men's "way of dancing" that prompted violence.

Footage of the incident caused quite the stir on Twitter, and saw the majority of tweeps take the attacker's side.

Some said the elderly had all the right to beat the men because their moves were "inappropriate" and "feminine." Others thought Saudi men should stick to performing traditional folkloric dances like the Ardah

However, a few also defended the victims of the attack and were outraged by the fact that they were beaten over a dance.

Here's a little of what people had to say about the incident:

Many felt the men deserved the beating

"Good on him, they deserve to be beaten."

"No one can blame this elderly man"

"They destroyed our traditional popular dance with their moves that don't even suit men."

"When will this stupid phenomenon end, men dancing like they're women"

Not everyone defended the man because "violence is never a solution"

"People, you can't solve things with beatings but with advice and guidance. Violence can never be a solution."

Some felt the entire incident was blown out of proportion

"They were just expressing their happiness and dancing. Maybe this is the only way they know how to dance. Why insult them like this? This elderly man is a problem."

"He interfered with something that's none of his business"