The Egyptian government is about to hold a long waited parliamentary elections on Oct. 18 and 19. The elections, which were originally scheduled for March of 2015 but delayed due to a court ruling on an unconstitutional parliamentary law, have been in the news a lot lately for all the wrong reasons.

Fortunately for our readers, however, the upcoming elections has been, and most probably will continue to be, a source of entertainment.

The latest is the news that Sama Al Masry, a notorious Egyptian belly dancer who believes she can be a suitable candidate, has been barred from running.

In a highly expected "surprise," Al Masry was disqualified and denied a seat in the parliament because officials questioned her views and ethics.

After all, how can a woman, who dances for a living, have proper views or ethics, right?

The Supreme Court stated that Al Masry lacked the needed qualities to hold a seat in the parliament and did not have a "good reputation."

The ruling, which is in the very least, a tad ironic, came after officials in the Supreme Court watched a few online videos of the famed celebrity doing her job as a dancer along with multiple TV appearances in which she was interviewed, as a well-known belly dancer.

Her dancing moves may have proven to be too sultry for the parliament to handle. Thanks to the Internet however, we will always have the video she created to announce her candidacy.