Vogue Arabia recently released a teaser video for its upcoming November issue ... hinting at a collaboration with Rihanna. 

The teaser shows snapshots of the Barbadian singer alongside photos of the legendary Egyptian queen, Nefertiti under the slogan: 

"Thousands of years apart, two iconic women."

It seems as though Rihanna is going to pull off a Nefertiti look for the cover of the magazine, something that a number of celebrities have attempted previously ... for Halloween. 

Except, there's one problem... She's not Arab or Middle Eastern. 

Vogue Arabia describes itself as a curator of the "best of style, beauty and culture from the Middle East.".

So, how does Rihanna fit into that description? She's dating an Arab ... if that counts?

The news comes months after Vogue Arabia was criticized for featuring Gigi Hadid on its first-ever print edition back in March. 

Vogue Arabia has featured a number of internationally-recognized models including Palestinian-American models Gigi and Bella Hadid, Algerian-French Farida Khelfa, Somali-American Halima Aden and Tunisian models Afef Jnifen, Hanaa Ben Abdesslem, and Kenza Fourati.

The fashion publication has been attacked time and again for not representing Arab and Middle Eastern women in full force, despite their existence in the industry

With the publication's teaser video, people have responded in the same manner they did previously ... with confusion.

"Did all the Arab women die?"

"An actual Arab model would be more iconic"

"Put a real Arab woman"

Some took their expressions a bit too extreme

Blame it on the ... Saudi boyfriend?

And then there were those who were actually happy about the news

More than one person actually