A 'religious healer' who blackmailed an Arab woman has been jailed for one year in Abu Dhabi, Khaleej Times reported on Thursday. 

An Al Ain Criminal Court of First Instance found the Arab man guilty of trying to defraud the woman after he threatened to post a nude video of her on social media if she didn't pay him $2,700 (DH 10,000).

They also found him guilty of illegally practicing 'healing services,' using the Holy Quran to supposedly treat people who suffer from mental illnesses. 

According to official court documents, the woman had separated from her husband after finding out that he had a second wife. 

She then went through a difficult period of time and began to suffer from "psychological problems."

With the help of a female friend, who turned out to be the man's accomplice, she sought help from the supposed healer.  

Chilling details

The woman received her first 'treatment session' at the man's house after being driven there by the friend who had introduced her to him.  

Two days after the first session, which saw him reading her verses from the Holy Quran, he invited the victim to a hotel in Al Ain, saying that he had prepared another special session for her.

"The woman allegedly went with her friend to the hotel. The man asked her to take off her clothes as he had to smear the special oil which contained medicine on parts of her body," Khaleej Times wrote.

What she didn't realize at the time was that the man was videotaping the entire encounter.  

Minutes after she left the hotel, he called and threatened that he would publish the video on social media unless he received a sum of money. 

Instead of relenting to his request, the woman immediately filed a complaint with police, who arrested the man after investigating the case.

At first, the defendant denied all charges, nevertheless, the court convicted him based on overwhelming evidence presented to them by prosecutors. 

The woman's friend also received a 1-year jail-term for being involved in promoting and practicing illegal healing services.

Both will be deported after serving their jail sentences.