The hijab, abaya and bold, talented Muslim designers are taking center stage at this year's New York Fashion Week

They include 5 Indonesian designers who debuted collections at 'Indonesian Diversity,' a fashion event that took place last Thursday, the first day of NWFW. 

Two of them, Vivi Zubedi and Dian Pelangi challenged stereotypes and prejudices through launching stunning "modest fashion" collections. 

Speaking to The Guardian, Pelangi said: 

“We’re not oppressed and we just want to show the world that we still can be beautiful and stylish with our hijab on.”  

Pelangi explained that her inspiration for the collection came from best-selling book Humans of New York, which documents the diversity of the 8.5 million people who live in the city.

Her beautiful "collection was a riot of colorful Indonesian materials, Batik print and tie dye covering women from head to toe in full skirts, wide pants, loose fitting jackets and rich brocade," The British publication wrote

Another talented designer: Vivi Zubedi

Another talented Muslim designer who made her NYFW debut at the event with a diverse modest fashion collection is Indonesian Vivi Zubedi. 

The designer explained that she was partly moved to challenge Donald Trump, who has sought to restrict immigration from certain Muslim majority countries. 

Zubedi's collection featured several abayas - loose-flowing, head-to-toe garments. 

She sewed the words 'Mekkah, Madinah, Jannah,' on several of her gowns. 

Mekkah and Madinah are two sites of Muslim pilgrimage and Jannah means paradise in Arabic. 

The designer also made a statement with one her gowns, sewing the phrase 'all colors matter,' on its back. 

Speaking to The Guardian Zubedi said

“Hijab is beautiful, we are all still human no matter what religion you are. We are still the same.”

Model wearing a Vivi Zubedi creation Source: Instagram/Vivizubedi

Not the first time Muslim designers rock fashion week

While Thursday's event was special, this is certainly not the first time Muslim designers stun during NYFW. 

During last year's fashion week, Indonesia’s Anniesa Hasibuan broke new ground when she became the first designer to ever showcase an entire collection with every look worn with a hijab.

Hasibuan had only made her professional debut a year earlier but had gained substantial attention after making it to several global shows, including the Istanbul and London Fashion weeks.