Airline safety videos are often quite tedious ... but Etihad Airways decided to do things a bit differently this time. 

The Abu-Dhabi airline partnered up with British designer Julien Macdonald releasing a video titled 'Runway to Runway' ... delivering the airline's safety features quite creatively.

The airline does so by depicting the uncanny similarities between high-end fashion shows and passenger flights. 

It features a Macdonald-designed wardrobe, donned by models from top modeling agencies including IMG and WME. 

To say the video is epic is truly an understatement. 

The cabin crew delightfully welcomes you to ... Etihad Fashion Show

First things first, buckle up!

In case of spray-overload ... use oxygen masks

The life-jacket top will never let you down

*I flip my hair back and forth* ... in safety position style

Remember, NO electronics

People absolutely loved it

One word: creative

Others are now more tempted to travel with Etihad

"So posh" indeed

Thinking "outside the box"

Lots of love for the airline was in order

Watch the catchy video below:

Not a first for an Arab airline

In 2016, MEA, the national carrier of Lebanon, released a video that aimed to deliver safety features by showcasing the best attractions of Lebanon. 

The video was shot almost entirely outside of a plane ... and eventually went viral.