Iftar holds a much deeper meaning than breaking fast at the sound of the adhan when the sun sets. In the Arab world, iftar during the holy month of Ramadan brings people and communities together.

Public iftar gatherings are the highlight of this month and - more often than not - unite people of all faiths on the same dining table for the sake of reviving humanity and compassion.

Whether it's in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, or Lebanon, people make sure to experience the joy and spirituality of sharing the special meal. 

Here's proof of just that: 

1. Iftar outside Al-Aqsa Mosque (Palestine)

Iftars that defy injustice and occupation have been a tradition for decades in Palestine. 

2. Colorful iftar in Cairo (Egypt)

Nothing like the beauty of Ramadan iftar gatherings in Egypt. 

3. Beautiful church iftar (Lebanon)

In 2017, a church based in Beirut redefined coexistence when it hosted an iftar for people of all faiths and nationalities. 

4. Everyone gets together for iftar (Kuwait)

People from all walks of life sat together for an iftar outside a mosque in Kuwait. 

5. The longest iftar "table" ever (UAE)

In 2018, Dubai Police broke a Guinness World Record after organizing a 6km-long iftar table, considered the longest in the world. 

6. Iftar is always bringing people together (Saudi Arabia)

Iftar gatherings are held in mosques across the kingdom and see thousands gather to break fast together. 

7. Iftar is all about community in Amman (Jordan)

Gathering for iftars in the streets of the capital city isn't uncommon in Jordan. 

8. Public iftar like no other (Oman)

Muslims gathered in Oman's Mutrah Souq in 2016 for a public iftar that stretched all through the souq. 

9. Iftar gathering in old Mosul's streets (Iraq)

Generations gathered for an iftar that aimed at reviving their city after years of war. 

10. An iftar amid the ruins (Syria)

In 2017, images capturing residents of the besieged town of Douma - a suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus - taking part in an iftar feast amid the rubble and destruction moved thousands online.