Many Muslims from around the world have marked the beginning of Ramadan, a spiritual journey that takes place over the course of a month.

International football clubs, athletes, and several politicians have welcomed the holy month by wishing Muslims a "Ramadan Kareem."

Enter Football Clubs:

1. Arsenal got quite creative with the visuals

2. But, Manchester City kind of beat them to it

3. Winner of them all? Juventus, definitely!

4. Liverpool kept their wishes quite simple

5. Leicester City, too

Enter Athletes:

6. Sachin Tendulkar, former Indian international cricketer, shared his wishes

7. Mohamed Salah went pretty local with his wishes

 "Wishing you health every year ... Ramadan Kareem."

8. American professional boxer, Deontay Wilder, talked peace and prosperity

Enter Politicians:

9. British politician Jeremy Corbyn welcomed the holy month with a heartfelt video

10. David Lammy, British Labour Party politician, talked hope and happiness

11. London's mayor Sadiq Khan shared his wishes in a one-minute video

12. Muslim U.S. Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, told the world what Ramadan means to her

13. Other American politicians joined the conversation

14. Including U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell

15. Upcoming presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke chipped in

16. Bernie Sanders, U.S. Senator, kept it simple

17. Canada's Justin Trudeau shared his wishes, as he always does

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