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Famous celebrities are no strangers to having Middle Eastern lookalikes. Even Arab personalities have spotted their own doppelgängers in countries across the region in recent years. The latest lookalike to make the rounds online is a man who freakishly resembles late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Though Jobs died in 2011 at the age of 56, a recent photo of his lookalike (who some claim was taken in Egypt) has sparked conspiracy theories online. Those theories bizarrely claim that Jobs faked his death and is currently residing in the North African country. 

I mean if you spotted a man who looked quite like the tech legend sitting on a plastic chair and popping seeds ... wouldn't you have something to say?

Aside from the wild theories, people have been having a bit of fun with the photo. Jokes surfaced on several social media platforms including Twitter and Reddit

Meet "Steve No Job"

Otherwise known as "Steve Wazayif"

P.S. "Wazayif" is Arabic for jobs.

Drawing parallels in the startup ecosystem

No sight of an "Apple Watch" had people talking

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"It's his cousin: Jeve Stobs"

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Conspiracy theorists would not let it go

Could Tupac have taken the photo?

Jokes aside, the resemblance is uncanny, right?