When you think of Dubai, skyscrapers, man-made islands and flying cars come to mind. The emirate has made itself a sight to see, a concrete jungle, a cosmopolitan city. 

Yet, with new towers plunging into the sky, the endless photos of Burj Khalifa and Dubai's skyline, comes a sort of nostalgia for a simpler past.  

This is where #OldDubai comes in handy. The hashtag under which photos of Bur Dubai -a historic district- are being posted remind us of a time when the emirate was more down to earth. 

From souks filled with everything from shoes to gold, more spices and food than you can image, and with the Dubai Creek as a western border, you could spend the whole day getting lost heritage. 

1. Splashes of color

2. Walk though secret alleyways

3. Intricate designs

4. Spices, so many spices

5. Historical sites

6. What's Dubai without Karak chai?

7. Deep blue waters

8. Every color shoe you could think of

9. The birds never seem to have migrated from old Dubai

10. Old, but not forgotten