If you're a student at the American University of Beirut ... then you know how tough life can get. 

AUB is basically your life, and your life is basically AUB. And, that specific life revolves around these 17 things.

1. Your life in a nutshell ... wrapped up in anxiety

2. Panic attacks before, after and during registration are mandatory

3. You've developed a special type of hate for people who reserve spots in Jafet

4. Exams are not what you thought they were

5. Chemistry Stairs = Death

6. You will meet all kinds of people, but there is one person EVERYONE has come across

7. Desperate times call for desperate measures ... especially when it's sweet-talking your professors

Sweet-talking your professors for a grade boost is oftentimes your last resort. You would do ANYTHING. 

8. You used to love multiple choice exams ... until AUB happened

9. The deepest conversations of your life happen on these green benches

10. You don't usually nap ... but when in Jafet you can't resist these cubicles

11. You've been a victim of major technical errors

12. Jafet is your first home, then comes your actual home

Imagine finding out that your home had closed down for a day. Your life wouldn't go on. It just can't. *cues emotional music* 

13. Print-out-lectures have become your new best friend

14. ZWZ ... is an acronym you use way too often

15. Your nightmares are made up of emails from Maryam Ghandour

You may thank her one day though! 

16. You've developed a weird love for "walking" and "speed-walking" because driving is hell

17. This is your hell-on-earth

But, you wouldn't have it any other way, would you?