Muslims - you all know the struggle is real for us. And I'm not talking about the problems we face on a day to day basis because of Islamophobia. 

I'm talking about the everyday struggles we face ... for simply practicing the religion.

These 14 memes totally pin them down, and they're beyond hilarious. 

1. When you go absent-minded in the middle of prayer

2. Even worse, when this happens

3. #GrowingUpMuslim meant having to explain what a prayer rug is ... and isn't

4. Some people lock their bikes, Muslims lock their flip flops

5. This Muslim version of #BarbieGirl is EVERYTHING

You probably sang that using the beat and rhythm of Aqua's version of Barbie Girl? #AmIRight?

6. The one question that makes you want to pull your hair out

7. It's always too late to say sorry for "Beliebers"

Source: Instagram

8. You fear reading ingredient labels because, well ... gelatin

9. "Protein sheikh"

10. That feeling during fajr ...

11. The struggle is even more real for those whose name is "Jihad"

12. Life for hijabis in a nutshell

13. Anybody who goes to hajj ... comes back with 1,000,000,000 bottles of zamzam water

And your mom goes around visiting all the hejaj ... collecting 30 bottles from different houses and making you take a sip from each and every one. 

14. Layering for Muslim girls ... is an annual, not a seasonal thing