Unfortunately, it has become the norm for ridiculous Arab hashtags to trend on Twitter, but one that went viral this week saw them hit a new low.

Titled "would you marry an ill woman?", the tag dominated trends in Saudi Arabia and several other Arab countries.

Through it, thousands of men weighed in on whether they'd be "willing" to marry a woman who has medical problems, with some sharing incredibly offensive responses.

However, those were quickly shut down by many who were having none of the trending hashtag, deeming it sexist and insensitive.

It all started when this hashtag went viral

"Would you marry an ill woman?"

Some responded with offensive things like this

"A piece of advice, don't ever marry an ill woman, especially if she has a mental illness, I swear you'll regret it." 

However, many were just having none of it

"Y'all are sick for making up these hashtags"

And couldn't even with the question

Women perfectly hit back at it

"Why is it always the man who has the right to choose and be asked his opinion? Some men are intolerable, you just can't marry them. Not because you're ill but because they're so sick they make up these sexist hashtags. #Would you marry a divorced woman? #Would you marry a nurse? I believe we're equal now, so why aren't women asked these questions too?" 

With posts proving that the regressive rhetoric behind the hashtag exists

"I am a woman who suffers from an illness that isn't even that serious. Every time a guy comes to ask for my hand in marriage and is told about it, he walks away. I've now come to realize that they're the ones who are truly ill."

"I know a man who divorced his wife when he was told she had brain cancer"

"Why didn't they ask this: Would you marry an ill man?"

"When women are objectified and seen as a 'thing' that needs to be 'bought' all perfect and fit. A 'thing' to be replaced when it's broken or injured. When people think that a dowry is a woman's 'price' and that taking a second wife is a way to 'punish' her!! When love is conditional, life is worthless." 

Men also chimed in, pointing out this ironic truth

"He marries her when she's in perfect health and if she gets sick, he says he wants to marry another woman who's capable of taking care of him. All the men around him condone it, telling him he has the religious right to be married to four women at once. If a woman marries a man who then gets ill and she decides to divorce him to remarry, they'll say she's a bad person and accuse her of abandoning him." 

"To the person who asks such questions, ask yourself this: Who will marry you when you've got this mentality?"

"Would you marry a nurse? Would you marry a female doctor? Would you  marry a woman who drives? Would you marry a woman who works?"

"No illness is shameful"

"Anyone who's ill has the right to live like everyone else, without being hurt this way." 

"Every ill person can get better and go on with their lives, except the person who created this hashtag"

"Treating their illness will be so difficult."