The convenience of cell phones is easily countered by the annoying fact of their constantly draining batteries .  A fact that Palestinian entrepreneurs Lama Mansour and Ismat Tuffaha behind startup BOLT hope to rectify with their new, super-sleek keychain "BOLD Knot."

The keychain, which clips to itself offering supreme portability, is both a charger (that claims to be twice as fast as the average USB cable) and offers up to a 30 percent battery boost while on-the-go. It can be used for both Android and iOS users.

And while the idea seems simple enough as it combines two technologies that already exist, it is the keychain's unique design that has thousands clamoring on Indiegogo. Since launching over 6 days ago, the keychain has already raised more than two times the $15,000 goal.

However, the company's story has not only been sunshine and rainbows. The company recently relocated to Estonia, as the legal framework in Israel, military checkpoints as well as issues with importing goods made it especially hard to found a hardware startup in Palestine.

“The project hit a wall in Palestine as there are no prototyping facilities, and bringing electric components would require waiting for months while they go through Israeli border controls,” Mansour told CairoScene. “There are no hardware projects in the country partly because we lack the technical resources. We were lucky to be able to develop the product and gain traction to get investment from Europe."

Check out the promo video below and click through to their Indiegogo campaign.

Our favorite part? Using cats in the promo video. Well played.