Dublin City Council raised the Palestinian flag above City Hall earlier this month in solidarity with the people of Palestine who are "living under occupation" to mark the 69th anniversary of the Nakba - which falls on May 15. 

The move comes despite strong opposition from Israeli ambassador to Ireland Zeev Boker, who warned Councillors ahead of the vote of taking a "one-sided approach."

It is a "small gesture of solidarity from the elected representatives of Dublin City with a people struggling for self-determination, freedom and dignity in the face of the most horrendous Israeli occupation and apartheid system," said John Lyons, People Before Profit Alliance Councillor, according to The Journal.

The Nakba - which is the Arabic word for catastrophe - forced 800,000 Palestinians to flee their homes following the 1948 war. 

A sign of solidarity

Just ahead of Nakba Day

"Thank you for your support and solidarity"

"Wonderful sightseeing"

And well ... Viva Palestine!

Ireland has long been a vocal supporter of the Palestinian cause. As Middle East Eye once put it, there is an "unbreakable bond of Ireland and Palestine."

The bond originates from the fact that both the Irish and Palestinians have battled through national struggles. 

Earlier this year, the Israeli ambassador to Ireland warned that the Irish government will most likely formally recognize Palestine as a state in the near future. 

Until that happens, it seems like the country is symbolically standing with the Palestinian cause.