U.S. President Donald Trump fired his FBI director this week, leading to an outcry on social media and intense criticism.

James B. Comey was leading the criminal investigation into Trump's top advisers, to determine whether they had colluded with Russia to elect the U.S. president. According to reports, Comey had just requested more resources to continue the investigation.

The abrupt firing has raised suspicions among many and led to greater questioning of the Trump administration's connections to Russia. 

As has been the case throughout Trump's rise to power, Arabs had some comments on the president's most recent political move. Some will make you laugh and others will make you think. 

Some are refusing to comment on an "internal American affair"

Others are pointing out the irony

And bizarre facts

Similarities have been noted

And there's a healthy dose of criticism

Some can't get past Trump's signature

And the U.S. media merit criticism as well

Many have been comparing Trump's action to that of former U.S. President Richard Nixon. In the wake of the infamous Watergate scandal, Nixon resigned from office instead of facing almost certain impeachment. 

But even with media support, the Trump administration could work on optics

But hey, it's good entertainment ... at least for some