Lebanese filmmaker Nadine Labaki's most recent film Capharnaüm earned a 15-minute standing ovation during Cannes Film Festival, scored a Golden Globe nomination ... and now it's won Oprah Winfrey's appreciation. 

"These two are so compelling on screen and worthy of your time," Winfrey wrote in a tweet.

The film - which was released in Sept. 20 - tells the story of a child who struggles to survive and sues his family "for giving him life in the first place."

He was not registered at birth, as his parents could not afford the fees required to do so. He exists, but not on paper. He has no I.D. card - meaning he is unable to get a passport, attend school, or get medical assistance.

Following the film's release, Labaki received international acclamation, and Winfrey made sure not to miss out on the heart-wrenching film. 

"Makes you think of all the children for whom this story is a daily reality. Bravo team Capernaum," the American TV host added.

People are definitely nodding in agreement

"Always proud of you Nadine Labaki"

"So proud of you and your masterpiece"

"This warms my heart"

"Labaki is such a great director for making this movie spread worldwide"

"You go, girl"

Labaki's film has been selected to represent Lebanon at the 2019 Academy Awards. The film was submitted to compete under the "Best Foreign Language Film" category.

The Oscars 2019 nominees are set to be announced in January.

The film has also won awards at different film festivals around the world including the Stockholm International Film Festival, the Melbourne International Film Festival, and the Qatari Ajyal Film Festival.