On Wednesday, Turki Al Al-Sheikh, the newly appointed head of Saudi Arabia's Entertainment Authority, took to Twitter to ask women in the kingdom to give him ideas for events. 

Just hours after it was first posted, the official's tweet saw thousands of women respond with pretty interesting suggestions. 

As the upload continued to make the rounds on Saudi Twitter, ideas kept pouring in and broke Saudi Twitter. 

"My Saudi sisters, we need your ideas and suggestions and we'll support those that are creative in the entertainment industry."

A few asked for events that don't violate the ultra-conservative kingdom's laws

"We want permissible entertainment that doesn’t go against sharia law. The kingdom’s constitution is the holy Quran and its strength lies in that. Also, entertainment shouldn’t contradict the values of Saudi Arabia’s conservative society. If this is done it’ll make entertainment accessible for everyone.”

Others just wanted all kinds of entertainment events to take place

“We want a huge women-only city that includes a health center, coffee shops, restaurants, a park, and amusement park. We’ll enjoy ourselves without abayas."

Some want a Saudi Disneyland

“We want women-only water rides and a snow city with coffee shops, an ice-skating rink, snow games, and a snow museum. We want a huge library with coffee shops and reading spaces. We want a branch of Disneyland in Saudi Arabia.”

Many suggested the launching of outdoor cinemas

“The weather is amazing now, launch an outdoor cinema, it won’t cost much. We also want carnivals and parades. We want theater events that are humorous and fun. The ideas are many."

Some want to open ice-skating rinks

“We want ice-skating rinks and also get us the Blackpink band for a performance."

Others want a Beyoncé concert

"Call Beyoncé." 

A few Saudi women reacted with humor

"We want a game like this one. We don't want concerts, singers get money and leave us behind." 

Others took the opportunity to send out this message

"End the male guardianship system... that's the best entertainment for us." 

Saudi's entertainment industry has made strides in recent years

In 2016, the kingdom established the General Authority for Entertainment in a bid to enhance the cultural and entertainment sector within the country.

Since its establishment, the kingdom hosted several concerts for the first time in years. Mixed-gender events – including Saudi Comic Con and a YouTube FanFest – have also taken place in the past few months. 

One of the major steps taken under the authority is the lift of the kingdom's long standing ban on cinemas, which was officially announced in 2017. 

In 2018, Saudi Arabia also revealed it is set to build its first ever opera houseThat same year, the authority organized the kingdom's first-ever Arab Fashion Week. 

The government body has also stated that it plans to invest $64 billion in the entertainment sector within the next decade. Its achievements are now expected to continue under its new head Turki Al Alshikh.