In 2018, a Saudi dessert vendor at Janadriya festival went viral for being "handsome" ... and well it was no different in 2019.

Earlier this week, photos and videos of another man became the topic of discussion following this year's fair. It all started after a few women spotted him at the event. 

They soon launched the hashtag "Al Janadriya's handsome man" ... which began trending on Twitter ever since.

Meet Al Janadriya's latest "mazyoon"

He caused quite the stir at the festival

His handsomeness had people divided

Some didn't find him handsome at all

"Searching for handsomeness."

Others disagreed

A few men got pretty jealous over the hashtag

"I am going to be at Al Janadriya tomorrow. I don't want to hit top trends."

"Maybe they didn't see me there"

Others weren't pretty fed up

"God help you"

"God help you, there isn't lots of beauty around you, every time you spot a good looking person, they hit trends."

Everyone's now asking the same question

"Who's turn is it going to be next year?"

"Is it a yearly competition of Mister Janadriya?"

Not the first time a handsome man sparks a meltdown at Al Janadriya

Last year, a Saudi dessert vendor at the annual festival also broke the internet because he was deemed "too handsome." The man caught people's attention while selling a Saudi dessert called kleicha in a booth at the event. 

In a few minutes, he was completely surrounded by hundreds who scoured the place in order to take photos and videos of him.