Nader Saab

Lebanese cosmetic surgeon Nader Saab physically attacked the President of the Lebanese Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery on an MEA flight en route from Beirut to Dubai, LBCI reported.

Saab assaulted Dr. Elie Abdelhak following a report submitted by the society over the death of one of Saab's patients while undergoing cosmetic surgery. 

What started as a verbal assault immediately escalated into a physical attack.

"After the hostess had served me breakfast on the plane, Saab walked up to me and sarcastically thanked me for the committee's report. I simply answered that I was doing my duty as head of the society," Abdelhak told Annahar.

Saab cussed Abdelhak, proceeding to punch him in the face twice, according to Arab News.

Following the incident, Saab issued a statement claiming the fight began after Abdelhak cursed him and his assistant, according to LBCI.

Abdelhak told LBCI that he will take legal action against Saab and will also file a complaint against him before the Lebanese Order of Physicians. 

Raymond Sayegh, the head of the Lebanese Order of Physicians, expressed disappointment in both men. 

The society is "sad to witness such incidents between two doctors who represent Lebanon abroad," said Sayegh, according to Annahar. 

Before a final ruling is taken on the case, both doctors' testimonies will be heard.

"A little Jerry Springer episode"

"Nader Saab is very rude and vulgar"

"Shame on you, horrible doctor ... and a liar too?"

"Good news... people's lives are no joke"

"He caused a woman's death and he doesn't accept to be prosecuted"

"What a shame... doctors are acting childishly. Weird times"