Not even school students are safe from Islamophobic incidents as they've been on an unprecedented rise in the United States.  

In the latest alarming one, a Muslim student in California's Pleasant Grove High School was attacked in a bathroom because of her faith. The high schooler, Sabah Elias, told police she was attending a tutoring lesson last week when she was followed to the toilet by a masked person. 

She explained that the attacker hurled insults at her faith then threw a bucket of water on her face. Shaken by the incident, the girl reported it to school officials who immediately contacted local police. 

"I was so scared initially that I wanted to go home, but then my parents really just inspired me and really showed me that other people are suffering like that too," Elias said in an interview with Sacramento Bee

Change "really begins with one person at a time that's willing to take the right steps against injustice," she addedAn investigation has since been launched into the matter and remains ongoing. 

In a show of support for the local Muslim community, the school held a meeting with representatives from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the mayor of Elk Grove late on Friday. 

Addressing the audience at the event, Dustin Johnson, civil rights attorney for CAIR-Sacramento Valley, said: 

"We're heartened to see the show of solidarity from the community and we're committed to supporting our students and challenging bullying, hatred and prejudice in all forms. We're closely monitoring the case." 

In the wake of the incident, school officials sent a letter to parents condemning all acts of "bullying, hate speech, expressions of hate and hateful acts of any kind."

The letter featured a strict warning against such actions, explaining they violate policies. 

The school united against hate

The attack on Elias led to an outpouring of support from her classmates and teachers at school. 

People have been putting up posters all over the educational institute's campus, reaffirming that Islamophobia and hate have no place among students. 

The high school's very own Muslim Student Association posted several photos of the supportive posters on Instagram, including one that read in both Arabic and English: "Fight hate with love." 

Similar alarming attacks are on the rise in the U.S.

When it comes to schools and universities in specific, there has been a 13-percent decline in the number of Muslim students who report feeling safe and welcome since 2014, according to a CAIR California report. 

Cases of students being bullied or attacked because of their religion are certainly on the rise. 

In general, Islamophobia has been rampant under President Donald Trump's reign. In just the first 100 days of his presidency, Islamophobic incidents at U.S. borders spiked by 1,035 percent.

There's a news story of someone being victimized for being Muslim in the U.S. nearly every week and that's without the tens of cases that don't make it to social media or are left unreported. Cases are also prevalent in European countries and the UK where attacks are reported frequently.