A 16-year-old Muslim student in London has been granted a £76,000 ($98,692) scholarship to attend the prestigious Eton College. But, the news hasn't been swallowed lightly by haters.

Hasan Patel, a huge fan of British politician and democratic socialist Jeremy Corbyn, has been called a hypocrite for accepting the scholarship to Eton, an English independent boarding school for boys in Berkshire. This came months after Patel criticized Eton College for saving millions in tax payments due to "their absurd and corrupt charitable status."

In response to the haters, Patel said he understands where the comments are coming from.

"I can understand why people would say I'm hypocritical because I'm allowing myself to benefit from this education," said Patel, according to The Guardian.

"But I'm trying to build a better life for myself. I think Eton has resources to educate me to give me better life chances so I'm well equipped to go out and tackle the injustices that pervade society."

"Instead of attacking me, why aren't we talking about the inequalities in the education system?"

Following the announcement of the scholarship, the 16-year-old was attacked by people who called him a "champagne socialist." He refused to stay silent. In a tweet, Patel called out the haters by pointing out everything wrong with their claim. He wrote:

"1. I'm Muslim. Most of us don't drink. 

2. My free school meals don't serve champagne."

Eton College, set up in 1440 by King Henry VI, is home to British royals and siblings Prince William and Prince Harry. That's not all, British stars Tom Hiddleston and Eddie Redmayne also attended the boarding school.

"Eton is a lasting emblem of the rarefied world of the British upper class," as one Australian site put it.

Patel emphasized that accepting the scholarship does not mean his perspective on private schools has changed.

One critic tweeted out that socialists, including Patel, believe that "nobody should attend private schools, private schools should be abolished." But, what they really mean is "nobody aside from me, but of course I'll change the elite from the inside whilst I just happen to benefit from all that I used to oppose," he added. 

Despite the flood of criticism, many stood in support of Patel, congratulating him on the scholarship. 


"Make the most of it and good luck"

"Brilliant! Person with a HUMAN POLICY"

"Go forth and conquer"