British Muslim chef Nadiya Hussain has been targeted by Islamophobic online trolls time and again

Things weren't so different earlier this week when a racist man criticized Hussain's hijab in an offensive tweet. 

However, as always, the popular television personality perfectly shut him down with a powerful response that's now going viral.

It all started when this Islamophobe tweeted this at Hussain

The tweet came in response to a thread attacking a statement previously made by the star in which she spoke up about the Islamophobic abuse she endures online. 

In it, the online troll offensively criticized Hussain's religion and her choice to wear the hijab.

She then powerfully hit back with this

And people loved her response

"Beautifully said"

"Wallah I never knew we could be so scary"

"It’s your head, your hair and it’s totally up to you!"

"Why is what someone wears or doesn't choose to wear for whatever reason or none, an issue?"

Many apologized to Hussain for the abuse she so often endures

"You're a queen"

"Thank you for this"