An unusual call to prayer shocked people in Kuwait earlier this week and sparked a social media frenzy that has yet to quiet down.

The Adhan, performed by a Bengali security guard responsible for protecting Al Bos Mosque in Al Thahr area, saw him say "Allah Kuwait Akbar", instead of "Allah Akbar" (God is great). 

The guard took over the responsibility of calling for prayer after he noticed the mosque's head cleric had not arrived in time for it. 

However, his bizarre take on the Islamic call to prayer outraged those who heard it and led a few of them to capture it on video. The footage was then uploaded to social media, where it went completely viral.

It all started when a video of the bizarre call for prayer started circulating online...

"Do officials at Kuwait's Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs know there's a Bengali man calling for prayer like this in Al Thahr region!! In his call, he says: 'Allah Akbar Kuwait Allah Akbar!!'"

Sparking intense backlash on Twitter...

The footage sent tweeps into a meltdown of the sorts, with many calling on Kuwaiti officials to take action against the man. 

However, some were completely against that, saying that he simply made an unintentional mistake and just needs to be notified of it.

Many just couldn't even with the footage...

Others were left completely speechless...

"There's no strength or power but in God." 

"Ya sater"

"If he's this mosque's muathen, then we have a huge problem here"

"But this poor man, it looks like he's just a worker at the mosque. Maybe he's just covering for the muathen." 

"He's insane"

"This is so wrong"

"He must be held accountable"

Authorities have since taken action...

Amid the social media reactions to the incident, Kuwait's Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs issued a statement on the matter. 

Speaking to Al Rai newspaper, the ministry's head of Al Ahmadi governorate's mosques, Dr. Ahmad Al Otaibi, said: 

"Al Bos Mosque is located in a remote area that's far from residential areas, and it only services people working in an industrial area. Fajr (sunrise) prayers are not held in the place of worship because no one attends them there."

Al Otaibi also added that the mosque's new guard didn't know about the prayer timings at the place and so took it upon himself to call for Fajr prayers, thinking that the muathen had not arrived in time for them. According to the official, no one other than the guard was at the mosque at the time.

The official also explained that the ministry has since notified the guard of his mistake and also transferred him to carry out further investigations.