Popular British Muslim chef, Nadiya Hussain, is no stranger to being attacked by racist Islamophobes on Twitter. 

Earlier this week, the 2015 winner of The Great British Bake Off, was trolled by a tweep who dared her to remove her hijab in public. 

Given that she's known as the queen of Twitter comebacks, Hussain wasn't about to let the trolling pass and completely schooled the online bully in a response that left people in complete awe. 

Here's how the entire incident played out online: 

It all started when a troll sent Hussain this tweet

The chef then brilliantly hit back

And people were all there for it

"Spot on Nadiya"

"Answered like a true Begum (Queen)"

Many completely supported Hussain's response

"I do not live through a religious faith but still appreciate that different people navigate the world in different ways"

"You are handling these bigots with grace and patience"

"You’re far superior"