Everybody is talking about the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy ... and for the first time it's not because of the emotional drama. 

In episode 18 (season 13) - not one, but two hijabis made an appearance on the show, playing the roles of doctors and nurses. 

The episode "Be Still, My Soul" was directed by the show's very own Ellen Pompeo (Meredith). She revealed on Twitter that it was very intentional on her part to have hijabi representation on screen. 

As if we needed another reason to love the show. 

The internet kind of freaked out after the episode was aired ...

This is "reason 784 to love" Grey's Anatomy

Yes, it took thirteen seasons ...

And 12 whole years ... but Grey's Anatomy finally did it!

Inclusivity for the win!

"MAMA we made it"

A lot of clapping soon followed

The episode did not go unnoticed

People felt the episode was just a statement in itself

Some are hoping for a hijabi character to join the show ...

Others volunteered to even take part if given the opportunity!