It was a regular Tuesday for most people; Monday had passed, the endless month of January was still there, and the unofficial Egyptian president Mo Salah was tweeting his way into our hearts.

Then, everything changed. 

"2019 Resolution: Time to get in touch, for real," he tweeted late that night. 

Just like this, the legendary Liverpool forward bid farewell to all that is social media, deleting his Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. 

In the hours after taking his pages offline, a frantic meltdown ensued among his fans, leaving them distressed. 

People soon realized all his accounts were deleted

Many already miss him

Everyone asked the same question

Anyone seen "fakhr el Arab?"

This meltdown was too real

"Unfocused Salah is already leading the goal king chart so just imagine a fully focused Salah"

Everyone speculated reasons behind his decision

Valid explanation?

But until he issues a statement, no one will know for sure