Mo Salah, Mo Salah diving
Source: Subbuteo

Over the past few days, Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah became the topic of discussion online for mainly two reasons. First, he deleted all his social media accounts. Second, his infamous "diving" technique was used in a recent football match.

Salah, who plays as a forward with Liverpool, is currently under fire for "diving" against Crystal Palace in order to get a penalty shot. It wouldn't be the first time Salah somewhat staged a fall in a bid to win a free kick.

According to Goal, Liverpool has been "awarded four penalties in four Premier League games, with Salah responsible for three of those."

On Wednesday, a parody video depicting Salah's diving skills amassed over half a million views on YouTube. But, the footballer's "dive" has inspired countless other jokes on other platforms such as Twitter.

The jokes are out of this world

1. "When Mo Salah gets touched inside the box"

2. "Dive hard"

3. "Whenever he feels contact"

4. Is that Mo Salah teaching Rambo how to dive?

5. A "weekly" dive they say

6. Because prepping for the Olympics is a must

7. Underwater images surfaced

8. Salah diving is the only constant?

9. Best diver award goes to *drum roll* ... Mo Salah

10. "Mo DiverSalah"