Saudi Arabia, snow in Saudi, hailstorm hits Saudi Arabia, Saudi weather

We've been made to believe spring was upon us in the region, just to be hit with a rain storm out of the blue, uninvited (but I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it ... yes, these are rain drops singing to Adele's Someone Like You as they hit your perplexed face).

Earlier this week, snow and hail fell near Saudi Arabia's Northern Borders Region, affecting several cities including Turaif. Even though this has happened many times before in the kingdom, even mid-summer, the country's General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection still issued several warnings to the region's residents. 

Forecasters expect the unstable weather conditions to affect the area and other governorates in the kingdom until later this week. 

While forecasters were busy issuing warnings to guarantee everyone's safety, Saudis were busy marveling at the untimely snow. 

"Mashallah... Turaif's snow"

Hail covered everything

Look at all that snow

A bit of desert with some snow on top

Coffee, dates, and hail

A huge rain and hail storm also hit Riyadh on Monday

A huge rain and hail storm wreaked havoc on the kingdom's capital on Monday. People were quite concerned over the unstable conditions given that it's spring, which is usually a season that sees temperatures rise in the Gulf region. 

Many are now attributing the weather phenomenon that has taken over the kingdom in recent months to climate change, while others said the weather was affected by a storm that hit bordering Jordan earlier this week.