So the countdown is over and Ramadan is officially here... meaning "not even water?" questions make an appearance, while plenty of celebrities show support and love for all fasting Muslims. 

This holy month can be a rollercoaster of frustration and hunger, with your daily routines changing for the next 30 days. Aside from the good food, TV shows, and family and friend gatherings, one of the best parts is Ramadan memes coming back!

These bittersweet memes will make you either laugh or cry, take a look:

1. When your attitude changes with the start of Ramadan

2. When you prepare yourself an extremely productive schedule

3. Explaining how the system works for your non-Muslim friends… every year

4. Another struggle? Keeping your mouth shut or breaking your fast

5. Remember, suhoor is your new excuse for guilt-free late night meals

6. However, sometimes things don’t go as planned

7. When it’s almost time for iftar but you can barely move

8. When your family wakes you up for suhoor but you’re still asleep on the inside

9. Waiting for iftar makes you very punctual

10. And finally, when your friends make plans that involve a bar

Source: We Heart It