During Ramadan, going hours without food or drink can get tough, especially considering the long fasting hours in the summertime. There are certain things that we love, whether its Ramadan or not, but we somehow love them even more during the holy month.

Whether it's because of extra time on our hands, simple cravings or traditions, these 10 things are just loved 10 times more during Ramadan:

1. Watching TV


With the ongoing mosalsalet taking off during Ramadan, there's just no missing out on any. Before iftar, after iftar, during suhoor, basically all day, every day there's always something to catch on TV.

2. Drinking laban


With just about anything.

3. Eating qatayef


Not to forget all the other infamous Ramadan sweets.

4. Spending time with your family


I mean spending time with the 1 million cousins who came from abroad to spend Ramadan with you.

5. Drinking vimto and jallab!

Photo source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Because there's nothing more refreshing.

6. Lentil soup

You just know iftar is not complete without soup adas, no matter how hot it is outside.

7. Dates


There's nothing like breaking your fast on 1,2,3... OK, 10 dates. Yum.

8. Drinking qahwa


With the cup fortune telling that comes after, of course.

9. Water


The one month where craving water is on another level.

Last but not least...

10. Sleeping!


No explanation required.