Source: Haute Hijab

Haute Hijab, a modern hijab fashion label, recently launched its "luxury collection" and the hefty price tag on the items have caused quite a stir on the internet.

The hijabs - which are crafted "from the finest pure silk, tulle, lace opulently adorned with bespoke embellishments" - are being sold for over $250. One of the items in the collection, The Celestial Silver, costs as much as $325. 

Apparently, the "collection channels timeless elegance for today’s powerful woman" ... except women on the internet don't see it that way. 

Instead, women couldn't help but point out just how uncomfortable the hijab looks. They've also criticized the fashion label for making an accessory out of a hijab. 

"$325 to be uncomfortable in this hijab ... whose idea was this?"

First things first ... how much sparkle is too much?

So ... "is my imaan gonna increase by 98%?"

"Just looking at the material makes me itchy AF"

Alternative use of the money: "325 individual packs of ramen"

Some are outraged that the label has turned the hijab into a fashion accessory

"I could D.I.Y. this for $5"

"This hijab better transport me to Jannah"

"Overpriced piece of rectangle fabrics"

One word: NO