Popular Egyptian actress Ghada Abdelrazek caused quite the stir on social media earlier this week.

This came after she posted an image of her breakfast on Instagram, captioning it:

"Good morning, my brkfast naw." 

Just moments after the post was published, social media users noticed that the actress had misspelled her English caption and a hilarious social media meltdown followed... 

It all started when Abdelrazek posted this image on Instagram...

The "brkfast naw" error sparked a hilarious meltdown of the sorts

"What? Is there a new language we haven't heard of? We need to understand." 

"You destroyed the English language"

Naw Ghada, Naw??

No one could even...

"Is that English, Morsi?" 

"All English al za time"

Many turned to sarcasm...

"Maybe she meant to misspell the words in order to get more comments on the post." 

Others corrected the star


What's so wrong with sticking to Arabic?

"Just type out the statement in Arabic and avoid all the embarrassment." 

Amid the frenzy, the star then edited her post

And people sure did take note of that...

"She corrected it."