In recent months, Saudi women won several of their most basic rights, including the right to drive

Though the kingdom has been making strides when it comes to women's rights in the past few years, there's still so much to be done. 

The shortcomings that have yet to be addressed were brought forth by women in the kingdom in response to a viral hashtag launched earlier this week. 

"What would you do if you were king?" took over Saudi Twitter as thousands tweeted through it. 

It all started when this hashtag went viral

"What would you do if you were king?"

Some women resorted to humor

"I'll jail all men to clean up the country." 

"I'll bury all men"

Many pointed out the fact that the hashtag is only directed at men

"Hey boys... first, be men then dream of becoming something else." 

"A queen doesn't need to become a king, I am already a leader"

Saudi women used the hashtag to highlight what they're still missing

"I'll end the male guardianship system (a woman isn't a possession.)"

A few will fight messed up gender roles like this

"I'll hire women as ministers and employ men as their secretaries."

Others will free women and everyone else

"I'll let people be free, no more customs and traditions." 

"I'll make sure all laws are equal for men and women"

Sarcasm at its best

"I'll prohibit men from traveling without a male guardian." 

To sum it all up ...

"I'll end the male guardianship system, I'll cancel charges related to women escaping their family homes, I'll shut down 'women care centers,' I'll implement equality, I'll allow Saudi women to pass on their nationality to their children, I'll criminalize abuse and abusers, I'll allow abortion and civil marriage."