Over the weekend, a photo of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II began making the rounds on Lebanese Twitter, with many pointing out the uncanny resemblance to the country's President Michel Aoun.

It all started with this photo... 

In 1986, a study published by one of the world's most renowned genealogy foundations revealed Queen Elizabeth of England is actually a descendant of Prophet Muhammad.

However, it appears that study didn't disclose the full details of the Queen's ties to the region ... because it seems as though she and President Michel Aoun are long-lost siblings.

The similarities between the two go beyond just the photo that went viral. Here's a look:

Serious glares when in front of the camera

Hands folded symmetrically while seated ... is a skill they've perfected

The sober facial expressions when holding their notes cannot go unnoticed

The shrinking of the lips when giving speeches

It's as if massive chairs were made just for the two of them. Maybe Aoun is a British royal by blood?

I guess we'll never know