To mark the first day of the summer in the Northern Hemisphere - which falls on June 21 - National Geographic released a list of 10 destinations people should fly out to this summer ... and Lebanon made it on the list.

Proudly representing the Middle East at No. 5 in the ranking, Lebanon has been described as "the ideal summer mezze table in an equally ideal temperate climate."

National Geographic's statement is more of a fact, really. In 2016, the country's capital city, Beirut, was named the "Best International City for Food" and has often been "overlooked as a culinary destination." 

From its sweet Riz b 7aleeb to its bitter Matté, the country is as diverse as its food.

The American television network sees beyond just Lebanon's satiable food. It boasts Jbeil, one of the world's oldest cities, recommending people visit its open-air markets.

It also mentions a couple of destinations for nature lovers, including the Baatara Gorge Waterfall, otherwise known as Balou' Balaa.

Lebanon falls in No. 5 in National Geographic's list, which includes Ilha Grande (Brazil), Borneo (the third largest island in the world), and Iceland - to name a few.

If you're still not convinced that Lebanon is a must-visit destination ... maybe these photos will do it for you:

Take a dip in Naqoura, the southernmost tip of the Lebanese coast

Soak up the sun in Anfeh, a magical old village in the north of Lebanon

Tour Beirut, the country's capital, on foot

Stroll through the country's history

Spend a night in Jbeil, one of the oldest cities in the world

Or in this historic hotel in Baalbeck

Indulge in salivating meals at local restaurants

Get some peace of mind in nature

Take a hike in one of the most picturesque places

And just #LiveLoveLebanon