The Saudi Ardah is a traditional dance that's no stranger to going viral online. From a video of U.S. President Donald Trump having a go at it to King Salman performing the dance, it has taken over social media time and again. 

Things were no different earlier this week when the Saudi American Public Relation Affairs Committee (SAPRAC) tweeted out footage of American tourists enjoying the dance. 

In the footage, which was captured by an American woman, the tourists can be seen having a blast, dancing among a folklore dance group.

The Ardah is taking the internet by storm yet again

It remains unconfirmed when the footage was shot and some tweeps claimed that it could have been captured over five years ago. 

Nevertheless, given how popular Ardah is among Saudis, it's no surprise that the resurfaced footage has now gone completely viral with hundreds reacting to it.

A few Saudi women pointed this out in reaction to the footage

"If this was a Saudi woman dancing, it wouldn't have gone down so well with anyone."

Nevertheless, many viewed it from a different perspective

Others loved it

Some were quite impressed with the Ardah

"Our beautiful country... opening up to the world"

"So beautiful for others to get to know our rich traditional culture"

"Dance, may no one other than you dance"

Ardah... Saudi's national folkloric dance

According to Al Arabiya, the dance is a traditional folkloric performance that was once "associated with military achievements."

Nowadays, it's performed at celebrations and special occasions. It has also come to be considered the national dance of the kingdom.