A Saudi bride was left traumatized after her family got into a fatal car accident on their way back home from her wedding.

According to Akhbaar 24, the bride's brother was driving her mother, sister, nephews, and nieces back home to Wadi Suheil after they had celebrated her wedding night in the kingdom's Kalwa governorate. 

The bride's mother and sister tragically lost their lives in the incident, which also left the car's other four passengers gravely injured.

The Saudi Red Crescent Authority issued a statement on the accident

In his statement on the incident, the official spokesperson for Saudi's Red Crescent in Al Baha governorate, Imad Al Zahrani, said the vehicle carrying the victims was driven into a lorry. 

He also added that a rescue team was immediately dispatched to the scene and transferred those injured to nearby hospitals. 

"Two victims had already died at the scene, but we transported the other four to nearby hospitals. There are critical injuries but they are now being tended to," he explained. 

The bride's brother has since been transferred to King Fahd's Hospital in Al Baha for further critical treatment.

The heartbreaking accident was all over Twitter

People were heartbroken over it

"Such heart-wrenching news. May God have mercy on the souls of those who died and grant health to those injured."

"My heart breaks for this bride"

"Instead of it being the happiest memory of her life, it's going to be the worst."

Many blamed the accident on high speed

"Speeding equals death, but no one gets this!!"

"Unbearable... may God give this family patience"

Everyone prayed to those who passed away

"May they rest in peace."

"A reminder that death can come at any moment"