Lebanese singer Nourhanne caused quite the stir on social media last week.

This came after the singer threw a huge bash in celebration of her recent divorce from ex-husband Adnan Dirani. Videos of the party went viral online after she shared the celebrations with the public via Instagram stories.

Images of her holding signs that read, "I threw him out" and "he's not of my standard," were also uploaded to social media by friends attending the party.

The photos sparked a heated debated among hundreds of the singer's followers as well. 

The divorce party broke Arab Twitter

Many were all for the idea

"Good on her." 

"Poor thing... he must've given her a hard time"

Others not so much

"Oh my God, this is so shameless. Where is people's class? Where are their manners?"

Nourhanne took to Instagram stories to explain

In a recent series of Instagram stories, the singer explained how she was casually going out with her friends to party when she discovered they had planned her a surprise divorce celebration. 

She thanked her followers who were supportive, while demanding those criticizing the event to simply unfollow her. 

Nourhanne also pointed out the hypocrisy that was voiced out by people when it comes to how men getting divorced are treated in comparison to women. 

"Why are men who get divorced and publicly go out with their girlfriends soon after celebrated, while women are criticized?" she said in her Instagram story. 

Not the first Arab woman to celebrate her divorce

Earlier this year, U.S.-based Egyptian Cenderella Nana, who savagely celebrated the end of her troubled marriage, went viral on Arab social media.

This came after she uploaded a video of her divorce party on Facebook, captioning it, "My divorce party, thank God. One of the best days of my life." 

At the time, the footage sparked a heated online debate, with many hailing Nana's actions and others harshly criticizing them.