Source: Al Mrsal

Last week, Saudi psychologist Dr. Tarek Al Habeeb caused quite the stir online. This came after he said that married couples should forgive "minor adulterous betrayals".

"The way you deal with adultery is what destroys love. Some women ruin their marriages when they discover their husbands have been cheating on them. That's wrong. I protect what I already have and discuss the betrayal that occurred," he said during a live appearance on Rotana Khalijiya's Ya Hala TV program.

"I am not excusing adultery, it's a vile thing. What I am saying is that there's no need to judge a good man or woman based on a mistake they made. A WhatsApp message sent to someone, or staring at a person other than their partner," he added.

Just hours after a video of Al Habib's controversial statement started making the rounds online, it sparked intense backlash on Saudi Twitter.

The statement went viral all over Saudi Twitter...

The clip divided people's opinions, with the majority of tweeps opposing Al Habib's views and deeming them "inappropriate".

Some couldn't even with the statement...

"What is this man saying?"

Others completely disagreed with Al Habib's views...

"There's no discussion after betrayal. You'll hate the day you met the person." 

Many raised this point...

"Why does a woman give a second change to a cheating husband and forget his betrayal over time, but no one does the same for her if she's the one who cheats?"

"If a man cheats, it's just a mistake. If a woman does the same, she's called the most vile names"

"You're talking about this theoretically. Reality is completely different." 

Not everyone attacked Al Habib's points though, some defended him...

"Why is everyone attacking this doctor. He talked about minor betrayal, someone sending an inappropriate WhatsApp message, or glancing at a person other than their partner. He didn't exactly say adultery, God forbid. So many married couples with kids separated because of images and text messages, the issue needs to be tackled with wisdom." 

Not the first time Al Habib sparks controversy...

Earlier this year, a video of Saudi psychologist Dr. Tarek Al Habeeb stating that masturbation is a basic human need sparked a heated debate on Saudi Twitter.

The psychologist had also made the statement during an appearance on an episode of Ya Hala TV program.

Even though he did mention that masturbation is considered haram in Islam, except for when a person resorts to it to avoid committing a sin, he also called on Islamic scholars to reconsider the matter.