Kim Kardashian was out with her family celebrating her birthday over the weekend ... and there was one tiny detail that caught the attention of Arabs around the world. 

The American TV personality posted a video to her Snapchat on October 27, in which an Arabic "happy birthday" song can be heard playing in the background.

Arabs on the internet soon began speculating, confused as to why she would play an Arabic song on the occasion.

Until they heard Kardashian's introduction in the video, in which she claims her birthday celebrations were being done in authentic "Armenian style" ... except the song was an Arabic version, not Armenian. 

The internet broke soon after...

"WHY is Kim Kardashian listening to the EGYPTIAN HAPPY BIRTHDAY?"

Hearing her say "Armenian" was one detail people couldn't just let go

FYI Kim: "the song in the background is literally the Arabic birthday song"

Drawing parallels ensued

Valid questions were raised

Hummus observations came next

Concerns over hummus tastes followed

"I finally have something in common with Kim Kardashian's birthday"

People are demanding answers ... right now