People in Lebanon have been revolting against the country's corrupt ruling class for 13 days but they're certainly not alone in their fight. 

Since historic protests in the country started on Oct. 17, many who are part of the Lebanese diaspora have been joining them in solidarity. Some are traveling back to their home country to join demonstrations, others are organizing protests in their cities of residence across the globe.

Lack of employment opportunities and rampant poverty have driven millions of Lebanese nationals out of their country over the past few decades. This explains why expat protests have been huge, powerful, and vital for the revolution's momentum. 

Lebanese solidarity protests have swept cities across the world. 

From the U.S. to France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Australia, Ghana, Nigeria, Ireland, and several others, expats have been coming together to root for their homeland. Videos and images capturing their get-togethers are all over social media. 

Here's a glimpse into a few of them: 

1. Paris witnessed huge protests

2. So did Montreal

3. Lebanese in Toronto took to the streets in massive numbers

4. Canada's Edmonton was host to hundreds of Lebanese expats

5. London protests were among the largest

6. The Lebanese in Britain continue to organize demonstrations

7. San Francisco epically poked fun at Lebanese politicians

8. Protest chants echoed in Los Angeles

9. The same took place in central New York

10. Hundreds of Lebanese protested in New York's Buffalo, too

11. Lebanese expat demonstrations in the U.S. are something else

12. Not to mention those in Australia

13. Solidarity all the way from Melbourne

14. And Italy

15. Brussels' Lebanese protest featured dabke

16. The cold in Ireland didn't stop the Lebanese community

17. The Lebanese revolution made it to Berlin

18. And the Netherlands