We've seen Lebanese expats organize protests in cities across the world including, but not limited to, London, Paris, Dearborn, and Gothenburg in solidarity with nationals in their home country. We've heard of many expats who traveled to the country to join nationals in their fight against corruption and call for change. 

Lebanese expats on board a flight from Dubai, en route to Lebanon, couldn't wait to land in Lebanon to join the protest. So, they decided to start their chants and demonstrations on the plane. A video of a group of Lebanese expats screaming the Arabic word for revolution made its way online on Thursday. There was at least two Lebanese flags present among the people who also reiterated the famous protest slogan "kellon ya3ni kellon" (all of them means *all* of them) which demonstrators have been using to shed light on the corruption that exists among all - with no exceptions - politicians in the country.

According to Lebanese Plane Spotters, the epic event took place on board a flydubai flight. 

Another video, another angle

Upon arrival to the airport, the national anthem was also sung

Another video showing Lebanese citizens singing the country's national anthem upon arriving to Beirut International Airport has amassed over 3,500 views on Twitter. 

In it, a number of nationals can be seen and heard erupting into melody in unison as they walk through the lines at customs.  

Expat pride is strong

Last week, a Lebanese expat in the UAE skydived holding her country's flag in a show of solidarity with the ongoing protests. 

"The jumps are a gesture of solidarity with Lebanon and my fellow country men and women," Nada Abou Mattar told Khaleej Times.

It's not just expats in the UAE. We've seen Lebanese nationals abroad flaunt their pride, passion, and love for their nation by taking part in protests organized by the community in the respective country of residence. 

From London:

From Paris:

From Atlanta:

From Montreal: