The population of Lebanon is, at upper estimates, around 4 million - not counting the million-plus refugees.

But Lebanese living in Lebanon is just a drop in the bucket: Multiply that by two or three and you've got the number of Lebanese expatriates; we like to spread around quite extensively!

Here are the top 10 Lebanese expat communities around the world by population size, based on estimates, along with some of the most famous people form each country who are of Lebanese descent.

1. Brazil (6.4 million)

Edmond Safra, the famous Lebanese Brazilian banker who reportedly died due to arson (quick story: his wife Lily inherited Villa Leopolda, the most beautiful and expensive Southern France estate).

2. United States (2 million)

Losing in American elections but winning in Lebanese pride, Ralph Nader

3. Argentina (1.35 million)

Carlos Menem, Argentinian president from 1989 to 1999.

4. Venezuela (420,000)

Tarek Al Aissami, Lebanese Venezuelan politician AND footballer!

5. Colombia (400,000)

Fun Fact #2 about Shakira’s hips: They are originally Lebanese!

6. Mexico (340,000)

OK, Salma Hayek, all you gotta do is teach Antonio some dabke skills, and he will be one of us.

7. Australia (310,000)

Faydee, the upcoming Lebanese Australian singer

8. (tie) Canada and France (225,000)

Influential CEO of Nissan and Rinault: Carlos Ghosn, a French-Lebanese-Brazilian national.

9. Saudi Arabia (210,000)

You may have not known, but Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal's mother is Princess Mona Al Solh, daughter of Lebanon's first prime minister, Riyad Al Solh.

10. Syria (115,000)

Lebanon-born Fares Al Khoury, anti-mandate hero and Syrian prime minister in the 1940s and 1950s, the highest Syrian political rank reached by a Christian.