We all know that Arabs, and Lebanese in particular, are obsessed with the concept of spreading false information (a byproduct of gossiping) ... and a recent trending hashtag is proof of that. 

On Thursday night, a hashtag titled "create a rumor" began trending on Lebanese Twitter, garnering much attention on the micro-blogging platform.

Hours later, people started jumping on the bandwagon with their own set of rumors, aka statements that are highly unlikely to be or become true in Lebanon within the next century or so.

1. "The electricity is back"

2. "We have 24/24 electricity in Lebanon now"

3. OK fine ... maybe 23/24 hours of electricity is more believable?

4. "I found a job without a 'wasta' from anyone I know"

5. "Lebanon's sea is considered to be one of the cleanest in the world"

6. "All Lebanese politicians have stopped lying"

7. "All ministers and members of parliament are in prison on charges of corruption"

8. "There is no longer corruption in Lebanon ... and all Lebanese citizens are living in peace"

9. The country's "Assembly of Representatives has been cancelled"

10. Lebanon's "Civil Society won the Lebanese elections"

11. "Lebanon is not a sectarian country"

12. That's a dream, a real dream, right here

"The EU, U.S., Canada, and Australia exempt Lebanon from entry visas, and Lebanon reciprocates." 

13. "I graduated and found a job in Lebanon and all is well"

14. "I love my life in Lebanon"

15. Biggest rumor of all?

"Nabih Berri just resigned."