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Emirati newlywed, Hiam Ahmad Al Kaabi, died in a horrific car crash while on honeymoon with her husband, Mohammad Abdullah Al Gallaf, who was seriously injured in the accident. 

According to Al Bayan newspaper, the incident took place in the UAE on Sunday, just two days after the couple celebrated their wedding. 

Al Gallaf was driving with his wife towards Al Zubair Bridge when they hit a truck from behind, which led to the death of Al Kaabi. 

The 25-year-old had been preparing to travel abroad with her husband to further celebrate their marriage when her life was tragically cut short. 

The young woman was buried in her hometown in Al Fujairah earlier this week. 

Her husband is now receiving treatment for "serious injuries" he sustained in the accident. 

Hundreds attended Al Kaabi's funeral

News of the tragedy left people speechless

"There's no strength or power but in God... may God grant her family patience." 

And heartbroken

"Oh God, this is such a devastating tragedy."

"So heartbreaking"

"May God have mercy on her soul"

Not the first time a similar tragic incident is reported

A similar tragic accident was reported in Saudi Arabia last year, when a young bride died in a car crash while on the way to her wedding. 

The 18-year-old's sister also lost her life in the horrific crash, while the bride's mother sustained serious injuries. 

At the time, news of the tragedy went viral on Saudi Twitter and led thousands to raise the issue of road safety in the kingdom.