Source: Sam Sport

If you're an Arab woman, you're bound to have heard the word "3ayb" more times than you could even count. 

The word is meant to describe something that's shameful or culturally unacceptable, but in our patriarchal societies, it's often only used to shame women. 

This reality was highlighted by Arab tweep @shawtyarabia earlier this week in a post that resonated with hundreds, sparking a hilarious yet powerful meltdown. 

It all started when the tweep sent this out

"Unfortunately conceived and born as a female? 3ayb"

Hundreds of Arab women could relate

"I've never related to a tweet more"

"Realest shit"

The post led some to share their unfortunate experiences with the word

"Pretty much anything that draws ANY attention is 3ayb"

And allowed others to savagely hit back at it...

All we hear is 3ayb

Some experiences were just too real

Case in point? No one's having any of this sexist phrase