Arab pick-up lines are known for being out of this world but none of them can come even close to beating those created by Kuwaitis. 

Earlier this week, a trending hashtag asked people across the Gulf to post Kuwaiti pick-up lines they know of. 

From the cringeworthy to the hilarious, here are a few that will make you LOL: 

1. This cringeworthy line

"Him: Is your father a weapon tradesman? 

Her: No, why the question? 

Him: Because you're a rocket." 

2. The "yah, yah, yah"

"Still tops our flirting techniques here."

3. When you hear this... run

"I don't know but I feel like we've known each other for a long time." 

4. Add these to your list

5. The simplest line

"What's your star sign?"

6. "Did the moon just walk in here?"

7. "Why so serious, just one smile"

8. The famous "hala oboooy"

9. "Can you quit your job and get employed in my heart"

10. Who hasn't heard of this one?

"Do you know that the moment I saw you, I felt you're my oxygen." 

11. "Ya meshmesh"

12. Just when you thought things couldn't get more bizarre

"They're all 'maqloubas,' except you, you're 'machboos.'"

13. The one everyone figured out now

"I feel like there's sadness in your eyes." 

14. "All I want is marriage"